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ProFlow 3-D Canister Installation Example

Pro-Flow 3D canisters come in three sizes and fit a wide variety of RC Aircraft. And although each install is slightly different this page provides a typical example of fitting and installing a complete set. This example comes from Mike Payne and is a step-by-step guide for his Aeroworks 100cc YAK-54 with a DA-100L engine and MTW headers. The headers were cut to 11".
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Here is the standard AW canister former which measures ~74mm. To install the ProFlow cans you will have to adapt the support former which is way too big for the ProFlow cans. I decided to try and come up with a way to attach the adapter such that I could remove it and return the airframe back to the original design.
And here we have it cut to fit behind the existing support former.
I found an old support former from an AW 100cc Ultimate for a pair of 54mm RE-2's. The opening works with the ProFlow medium cans but you will need to apply some Vaseline or other lubricant to get them to slide in. Now all that is needed is to cut it down to fit in the existing opening.
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Fortunately the modified support fit neatly in the existing opening with no cutting or filing. I placed the adapter in and match drilled six holes for long servo screws. The holes in the existing support were enlarged as clearance holes so the screws only bite into the adapter. Use some thin CA on the adapter holes to strengthen them up.
Close up view.
And here we have the medium ProFlows installed! Header length was cut down to 11". This was good because the Yak was designed for the shorter TD-75K canisters.
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The ProFlows are a little closer than TD-75K's but it's not an issue. The throttle serve clears by ~1 inch or so. I didn't have the proper clamps so had to use hose clamps. This works well IF you don't tighten them too much. Also make sure after you snug them down to apply some heat. I use a small butane torch. The heat will help seat the couplers on to the header and canister.
I hope this helps anyone thinking about putting ProFlows on their AW Yak. There are probably better ways to accomplish this but I wanted to get to the field and try them out!