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ProFlow 3-D Canister Mount Installation- Example

Pro-Flow 3D canister mounts come in two configurations and fit a wide variety of RC Aircraft. And although each install is slightly different this page provides a typical step-by-step example of fitting and installing a canister mount.
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Step #1: Find your location and drill (3) 1/8th in. holes.
Step #3: I decided to make a floor stiffener for the inside. This is a large tongue depressor cut down and drilled to match.
Step #2: To Vertically center my Canisters in this Airframe I decided to make a ½” Spacer for the Mount to sit on. After Drilling it I used a sharpie marker to color it Black.
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Step #4: For hardware I used (3) each: 1” 4:40 socket head screws, (6) #4 washers, (3) 4:40 nylock nuts.
Step #6: This is what it should look like when installed.
Step #5:  Bolt down the Mount, I use a few drops of Medium CA on the inside under the floor stiffener plate.
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Final look with canisters installed.