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Testimonials- Where The Rubber Meets The Road
In the last three years the Giant Scale Aerobatic RC Industry has "taken notice" and praised the benefits Pro-Flow Canisters. This product fills a "niche" that has otherwise gone unnoticed. How could you not want to try Pro-Flow after reading through these "unsolicited" comments?
This Is What Satisfied Pro-Flow 3D Canisters Users Have To Say……………
Don Koonce………. The large ProFlow I recently ordered is working out great with my new Extreme Flight 91" Extra.  It has a DA-70 in it with the 2n1 header and your large Proflow canister.   I can't believe how smooth it runs at all throttle positions.  I'm pleased with how quiet it is too.  The motor only has a few tanks through it so far, but I'm sure it is only going to get better!  I've attached a couple of photos of this setup. I'm certainly glad I run across your products and had the opportunity to try one.  I've now got the setup described above and a medium ProFlow on a DA-50 in a Composite Arf 2 meter Extra 300.  That plane originally had a European-made canister and I never flew it because of the poor mid-range response.  Your ProFlow set up brought this plane to life and I'm flying it again. I just picked up an Extreme Flight 110" Yak and will be ordering a set of medium ProFlow canisters in the very near future for the DA-120 going in that model. Thanks.
Lorren Brendemuhl....... Just flew the Yak for first time with your cans and new DLE120 and just wanted to say great product. I never heard your cans in person and can say the videos do not do them justice. I went from a 8 year old DA100 in my Aeroworks Yak to the DLE120 on your cans and the plane was fun before, but now it's an animal. Our field has new sound requirements and the cans fit the bill perfectly. Thanks again.
Colton Libbe.......My DA 120 is wicked smooth like butta (yep that’s right, I’m from Boston) I wouldn’t think of using anything but ProFlow on my new PAU. Having run so smoothly allows me to focus on my flying, not if I’m on or off the pipe. Thank you for a great product and all the help you have given me.
Richard Gabrys......Peter and I have been out for the last several weeks with our Proflows.  Me on the DA170, and Peter on his 3W 220.  Both motors run extremely well and sound great!  Thanks!
Ed Gross.......Thank you for the great service and product. I put the canister on my 3W 55i in the Aeroworks Yak and it rant perfectly.  Way better the the "no name" can I was using.  Improved throttle response from idle to high speed.  No lags. I'm a very average sport flyer and it's great having solid throttle response. Now I need one for my DA50 mounted in my Aeroworks carbon cub.
Exracer……..After reading some of the forms and looking at the builders of the Pro-Flow, I found my canister to put my new bird. I emailed them about the rear exhaust DLE 55 RA and there pipe, and to my surprise a very helping response came for the owner Dave. He gave me some great advice and steering me in the right direction with the pipe and header. After receiving the canister I now see why R/C flyers out there have such good things to say about his product. Very high quality material and the craftsmanship is superb.
Adam Falk……..Just got the cans for my 120 today. I don't even want to put them in because they are so damn beautiful and can't see them once installed. But, hearing that sweet sweet sound and feeling that power will make up for it! Thanks again Dave!
From Paul Whitman………Tried the Canisters on the weekend, very impressed, ran 28x12 Meij up a couple of hundred RPM at 2500Ft ASL. Extemly quiet, much smoother at idle on same mixture settings. In the air very smooth and linear throttle response, vertical performance insane!!! Very low noise footprint in the air overall 10/10, all this compared to MTW TD75K. Again Dave thanks for your Help and Prompt Service. Only had 3 flights and can’t wait to fly at lower altitude.
Comments From Greg Palmer………Well over the weekend I flew my EF Extra 300 with a new pro flow on it and I loved it. It has a DLE-55 and it has tons of quality power now. After installing them on my DA-100 and the improved "quality" and after the Bluegrass IMAC meet and seeing and hearing Adam Faulk's EF extra on Pro Flows I knew I had to have one for mine and with the improved "quality" I am hooked. Not only did it help the quality of the motor it also smoothed out the idle and transition from low to high throttle. Thanks Dave you have a great product here and If anyone is thinking about putting cans on their next project keep Pro Flows in mind you won't be disappointed.
From Doug Nelle- Austin Radio Control Association (President)…………I must say my expectation has been far surpassed with your Product and Assistance with my install of your 3D Pro Flow Canisters;  mounted in my sons new 3D Hobby Shop “120” AJ Extra.  The time you spend with me on the phone in order to complete my first install of canisters was really special.  Everything came out great; and I just wanted to share some photos for you to share with others. (Posted in the Photo Gallery). The engine is a DA 170; 4-40 flat head bolts used to keep the cans from rotating over time; Silicone tubing used was 9/16” O.D.  Thank you again; your efforts and product are truly genuine!
From Tony Covino,,,,,,,,,,,,,Dave...thanks very much...received the PFC and I am obligated to say that this is how it should be.  A extremely competitive price...looks great...can't wait to hear in person, but loving it already...maybe it is the awesome t-shirt that I will be wearing at the Horizon Hobby Air Meet in Maine on Saturday.  Made in USA.  I will report back after first few flights.  Still only 3 gallons have been through this ZDZ60, but I can't wait, and it fits in the plane with no fuse mods!  Again, thanks for can, t-shirt and the 2 decals.
From Redtail………….Dave, I just completed the maiden flight of my modified Pilot Sbach. I had extended the Pilot's standard canister tunnel as you suggested to accept your Pro Flows for my DA120. I spent most of the flight trying to slow that puppy down. Flew most of the flight between idle and 1/2 throttle. I moved the fuel tank to sit over wing tube/CG mark. When I rolled to inverted and entered a 45 deg up line, the Sbach road that up line as if on a rail. Nose nor tail made a move. CG was perfect. Your canisters and the engine performed beautifully. The engines transition and response was very smooth and the sound was unique yet full of authority. Thank you for your advice and help. Now to begin practicing the Basic IMAC sequence. Now to begin my rookie year. Again, Dave, you are fun, you are professional, and you are -- the man. Chic
A Few Comments from Joe DeRenzi…………….Hey everyone, just got done strapping on brand new a DA-170 and installation of Dave Sullivan's Pro-Flows. I hope you are reading this Dave. Unbelievable ! Filled up my gas can with some Pennzoil Air cooled stuff at 32-1, 2 turns out on the High needle and just a touch and I mean touch over 5/8 on the low at this time. The motor started right up. I guess I hit it just right. Couldn't believe how great the Pro-Flows sounded, and could not believe the great transition on this brand new motor. I only ran it for no more than a minute at a time, maybe even less, but the transition was RIGHT THERE! No hesitation. In fact , I took out my throttle curve, and ran a straight linear on my 12X , No sputter, no hesitation, just instant rpm. Couldn't believe when I went to idle, it was like an electric motor at a smooth 800 rpm. Trust me it was. Gun it, and instant response. This isn’t an advertisement, just a fact I want to share.
From Adam (rcflying53)……….Maidened my EF 88" Extra this weekend with the ProFlow and all you can hear is the prop rip and no engine noise. I had a Xoar 23x8 on my DLE 55 and have a Falcon 23x8 wood and carbon prop to try out on it. Hope the rip goes away with those stiffer props. I used Falcon props on my 30cc and it worked, so I hope the 55 will do the same. I got some compliments on the ProFlow sound though! Can barely hear it's running throughout the entire IMAC sequence. I can almost count on a "10" in sound once I change props.
From Ryan Culligan…………….Finally got to fly the "Snukhoi" with Pro-Flows today for the first time. Dave they are perfect. I was filming and the individual you hear commenting is the clubs long standing test pilot. The engine is as smooth as glass and the sound is incredible!! The video of the idle was just to see how low we could sustain a steady idle actually around 900-1000 rpm. Thanks again Dave, I will never own another brand of canisters as long as I can get Pro-Flows.
From Zach………………..I can say this about the Pro-Flow canisters, they are made extremely well. They will hold up better than any other brand IMO. They are not however lighter, in some cases may be slightly heavier, but this is at the cost of a more robust and more durable product. They are made here in the USA, and the customer service is unmatched by any company I have ever dealt with in the past. They will improve an engine’s midrange transition, and allow for a more linear throttle response. They are very very quiet while maintaing a unique sound. And in my experience, when put on my DA-170 I not only had an excellent transition and midrange, an improved throttle response, but my engine ran slightly cooler, and I saw rpm gains of about 100-200 just from a simple canister switch. Now, that being said, I am happy with my current canister setup. However, when possible I will be switching to the Pro-Flow on my 170. I have set going on my 200, and for curiosity sake I tested them beforehand. And found the above mentioned to be true. Without naming brands, for me the difference is evident and worth the switch. In your case, they are certainly worth trying. And if you do, I’m fairly certain you’ll see the difference. And if you see the performance gains and improvements I did, you’ll want to use nothing else.
From Father Don…………Dave (Sullivan) was doing Pop Tops before anyone knew what they were.  When I first saw him do it, I just thought he was being cruel to his plane; my jaw dropped and I knew I had to meet this guy.  Come to find out, he was flying a DA-170 on modified Canisters that really smoothed that engine out and made it run like no other DA-170 I had seen.  Well, I guess that wasn’t good enough for Dave, so he designed the Pro Flows to make it even better. I’ve said it a million times since installing them, but the Pro Flows have changed my life!!  They are simply mandatory on any plane I fly.  Perfect idle and glass smooth transition throughout the entire power ban. “Father” Don Brown
Thanks from Ty Keith…………..Dave thanks for all the help. It's a real pleasure to find someone like you that builds a superior product and stands behind it 100%. Been great talking to you. Thanks for all the help. BTW- love the Pro Flows.
Thanks from psk560……………."I just had to tell you how much fun I'm having with your cans. My DA 170 purrs like a kitten and the engine is pulling my QQ 120 inch out of a hover with authority (45 lb plane at the least)... Loving the combo and the ability to drop down in a harrier and not have my engine sag when I add throttle. Great stuff!" Craig
Comment From Pops……………….. "after running the DA-200……………DAVE AND PRO FLOW ...OUT OF THE PARK..... I can't top what Brian Said about these. Guys, out there in IMAC land if you get a chance at the sticks with these on- you will be saved. Truly one of the most innovative exhaust systems out there and a big plus for helping with the Demon sound. The performance was such an improvement that Brian even let Brad Petty fly his IMAC machine and for once Brad was speechless. Dave……….you da man. Guys, if it ain't Pro-Flow you are just blowing hot air!!"
From ericb…………….."I have them on both my 55's and love them. I will not run anything else in my planes after flying with the Pro Flow's."
From Air-Stormer……………… "I would like to say thanks a million to Dave for such a great product... Finally maidened my Krill this weekend and all I have to say us wow! I ran pro flows on a ZDZ 180 and turned a 30x13 evo L over 6600 rpms! Performance was insane! What an awesome product".... Jamie Thomas
Note From Travis…………."Well Dave- you got another satisfied happy customer! I got the first flights in today on my DA85/Pro Flow combo. I think "night and day" sums it up in the difference between thePro Flow canister and the KS95 that I was running. The throttle response is very linear and I completely took out the throttle curve that I had set up with the KS95. I also picked up about 200 RPM over the KS95. Up until now I had been pulling my hair out with this engine to the point of just wanting to get rid of the thing. My mind has been changed now though. It is like having a new toy all over again. Big time thanks Dave."
Comments from Terryscustom……….. "I love my new pro-flow even though I only got a couple of flights on it!!! Super smooth with no "peak" spot! I knew the plane was awesome, but it is super smooth with the Pro Flow!! I think I need to order one for my 89" Slick."
A Word From Colton…………."Ok I'm 100% sold on these cans! After my video I was already way pleased with how the 170 preformed on the Pro Flow cans vs how it was running before. I had become very accustomed to running the engine just a little rich on the low end and didn't notice it. Long story short Dave gets in touch with me and tells me from that video he could tell that I was just a little rich on the low end and told me to lean it just a tiny bit. And BAM there it is!...even better than I imagined. I really didn't think cans could make this much of a difference but they do. So I had also had a set for the 100cc coming as well and what do you know they did the same thing. Now granted my TMM 106 I'm running currently on my Edge has been running wonderfully on stock mufflers and I had no problems with it except for maybe one very small power surge at 1/3rd throttle. I put the Dave's 100cc Pro Flow cans on the TMM today and gave it a tune and I could audibly tell I gained a small amount of RPM and more importantly the throttle transition fells like glass. For every tiny movement of the stick you can hear the RPM change. I have tried many, many canisters and tuned pipes over the years and I will not put another exhaust on an aircraft that wasn't made by Dave. I hope everyone else has results like I have and I'm sure Dave will do everything to help you. Thanks Dave!"
From Dave and James…………….."Hey Dave..... We've had four different exhaust systems on that Python. We started out with a Greeves pipe then switched to an RE-3 with a 14" header. That produced power, but was just too loud so we switched to an MTW 110 canister. But still didn't have the mid-range we wanted. Your canister obviously did the trick........ We didn't even change the needles yesterday; just put on the Pro-Flow, cut the header down to 10.5", and you can see the results. The video (on Dave's Video Page) tells the tale. This combination is a keeper!! Thanks Brother."
From Jamie Mason……………."just purchased a set of Pro-Flow rear dump for my extra 260 with a DA 120. Installed my new canisters and just test flew the plane today. I cannot believe how smooth my transition is from mid to high range. No bobbles. These canisters are smooth and really increased my flying ability tremendously. I can't thank PlaneBender enough for designing these canisters."
By Scott Z………….."I got up before the snow came and pulled the DA 170 outside (17 DEGREES) put the wings on an started it up with the ProFlow cans- they sound like a quiet muffler should.The motor had an electric motor feel from idle to full throttle. They were much better than the KS 95's and even smoother than the stock DA mufflers which are obnoxiously loud. Good work PlaneBender."
From Jamie Thomas…………"I would like to say thanks a million to Dave for such a great product... Finally maidened my Krill this weekend and all I have to say us wow! I ran Pro-Flows on a ZDZ 180 and turned a 30x13 EVO L over 6600 rpms! Performance was insane! What an awesome product."
From Luvthestang……………"Dave- Great Product. Well I got to start her up and fly yesterday... Wow what a sound. I would buy these cans over any others if everything else was equal just for the sound!!!! But... add in that my idle was so slow and so smooth I felt I could catch the prop out of the air. The transition was very smooth I will have to relearn my plane and throttle control as this is almost like an big 126" electric now………Thanks for the great product.
From Mbacosa……………"Ok guys I finally got to try out my Pro-Flows on my DA200 this Sunday and all I can say is WOW!! I was thoroughly impressed and excited. I have to say that the motor actually runs smoother now and seems to have a little better throttle response. I have outstanding power. I tached the motor hot and it was turning 6350 on the ground with a 30X13 EVO L. In the air it is so quiet I am going to have to get used to that. I can't hear it at all when another plane is in the air. I didn't notice any power loss when flying. It still pulls just as well as it did with the stock mufflers. I am very pleased to say the least. Thanks Dave for a great product, Mike"
From RC4flying…………………I am a happy flyer now. These Pro Flow Canisters have made my day. I too had problems with the way my engine ran on MTW 110, RE3's and KS 95's. I swapped out my recent MTW's and chopped the headers. Now I am smiling again. I was able to get nice even throttle changes and transitions without much difficulties. I am still getting the needles dialed in, but flying 3D without the worry of the hesitations make me feel better. I was getting no throttle response during TR'n and after long low throttle runs. That is a problem when hanging on the prop and the plane starts tail sliding because the throttle would not respond. Issue free from what I am experiencing now. All I can say is "Thank You Dave Sullivan" for taking the time to figure out the problems this engine was having on cans and pipes."
From Dan Kippen………….."I haven't used the Greves but used the R-3s, then I went to the Pro-Flows. As soon as I did this the DA-170 became a totally different and reliable motor it was designed to be. I don't fly 3-D anymore but hear they are great for that. I do fly IMAC and have found the throttle transition is better than any tuned pipe out there."
From James……………."Finally got around to flying our new Extreme Flight 110" Yak today running a DA120 /11 inch flex headers/ and front dump Pro-Flow canisters. All I can say is ...WOW! The combo of the DA120 and Pro-Flow canisters was the closest I've ever got to perfect out of the box! We left the needles stock and with a "break in" prop (Vess 28B)- the setup flew great. We leaned the low end a little the first two flights...but damn this setup works good. Thanks for the great product Dave"
From 1bigben………. "I recommended the Pro Flows to a friend and installed and ran them this weekend. Talk about an impressive product to handle and the reduced sound output was stunning. Now that darn prop makes all the racket. I think he can enter an electric contest and be a true spoiler!"
Comment from TR2000…………. "Just fired up the DA 170 with pro flow's and the DA 120 with Pro-Flow's They both sound great! They both seem very smooth with great transition. Already I can tell both will run very well compared to the KS unit and Greeve pipes on the DA 120."
From Patrick H………….."Pro-flow baby! I live half a world away and Dave was real easy to deal with. Could not get better service."
From 2 Dogs……………"Hey Guys………I ordered a set today for my new Extra and Dave spent 30+ minutes on the phone with me giving me all kinds of tips and advice. You don't see that kind of service very often. Thanks Dave"
From Hollywoodjax……………"I got a few more flights in Saturday with my pro-flows! Man I love the sound that they make. I like the way my throttle feels the most. Happy customer here."
From Sid…………The  Pro Flow (baby) muffler is a drop-in fit. I will mount it in the modified Mojo this winter for flight in spring. My opinion: nice idle, easy transition - up and down, can't wait to see how it fly’s!!!! Great, this muffler is NICE!!! Thanks for a great product, Dave!!!